Family Cemetery in Main...?
Sunday, September 16, 2012 9:12 AM

Ran across this website today, looks really interesting and I'm sure there is a family link somewhere...need to research this more.



Webber/Moulton Cemetery
Shapleigh, York County, Maine

Moulton Road
Shapleigh ME

Lat: 43° 32' 16"N, Lon: 70° 51' 07"W

Contributed by Debbie Petersen, Nov 21, 2002 [[email protected]]. 
Total records = 10.

To reach cemetery drive north from Sanford on Rte 109, turn right onto Route 11. The cemetery is on the left just before entering Shapleigh Corner.


These are the only stones in the cemetery - its a family plot. I walked it in the summer of 2002.
- Debbie Petersen




Moulton, Edwin A, b. 22 Jul 1825, d. 11 Mar 1905, [DP]
Moulton, Emily (Webber), b. 30 Mar 1828, d. 11 Feb 1921, w/o Edwin A. Moulton, [DP]
Moulton, Angus S., b. 7 Jan 1854, d. 27 Aug 1920, [DP]
Webber, Parker, d. 07 Jan 1874, age: 88y 6m, [DP]
Webber, Mary (Worster), d. 11 Apr 1882, age: 92y 6m, w/o Parker Webber, [DP]
Webber, Hannah, d. 09 Dec 1825, age: 70y, w/o Benjamin Webber, [DP]
Webber, Horace, b. 17 Nov 1813, d. 06 Jul 1883, [DP]
Webber, Martha J. Quimby, b. 18 Apr 1840, d. 01 Dec 1923, w/o Horace Webber, [DP]
Webber, Oliver, d. 14 Apr 1891, age: 95y 8m 2d, War of 1812 Veteran, [DP]
Webber, Martha (Worster), d. 21 Jun 1885, age: 85y 5m 11d, w/o Oliver Webber, [DP]


Welcome to our family genealogy site!
Saturday, September 15, 2012 7:09 PM

Hi Everyone,

This site has been setup to collect our family history, share it, and to create an ongoing "notebook" for research.  The site is designed to be collabortive, so please dive in...add, update, correct, and expand our family knowledge.

To maintain family privacy, some information is not public to unregistered users.  The information that is block is mosty for the most recent generations.

I'm particularly interested in adding photos to the collection.

The site started by added the known Webber genealogy research collected by Cynthia nee Webber Svoboda in the 1990s, known as "The Rise of the Webbers".

Michael Webber 

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